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Alex: Greetings from Portugal!

Here’s a recent email I received from Portugal. A big thank you to Alex for taking the time to write.
Hi Chris Vallone,

My name is Alex and I’m from Portugal. All my life, since I was a kid I collected vw bugs in small scale. Two years ago in my 33th birthday (21/August/1976) I decided to offer me a ‘66 beetle. Oh, Oh I never stop… 🙂 I always send the bugs into a specialist, unhappy they don’t do nothing without brake another thing. So I begin looking for help in the Internet to try doing the things by myself… then I saw your videos. Congratulations! I saw this video:

I discover this week something that can help substituting that plastic and solve the problem with the “wobble” doors. You can do the interior with 2mm PVC instead the old cards. They resist fine with humidity. I hope I can help you, because you already helped me a lot. Do you have a entire collection of videos “How to restore VW”? Do you sale them? Nice work, please keep doing

Best regards

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