Keep Your Shop Clean!

Added January 7, 2008 by Chris Vallone

Keep your shop clean! When doing any sort of work on cars in your garage, keep your stuff tidy and organized. Frustration can build if things are out of order, things get lost and such. When my work day ends, I make it a point to put everything back to where it belongs.

When tearing down a beetle, parts can fill the garage quickly if you have a small shop. I have made it a point to label and keep things in large coffee cans for the small stuff and nice sturdy boxes for the large stuff. Stay organized. When your bug comes back from the body shop, (sometimes that could be months without working on your car) you can go back to your neat stash of stuff that is labeled and you will know exactly where they go. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t label or make notes on how a part goes back on and wind up forgetting how to do it or breaking it and ordering a new one.

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